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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $129

GRUBEE BT100 80/100cc Replacement Engine

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The Grubee BT100 80/100cc Motorized Bicycle Engine is one of the most powerful 2-Stroke motorized bicycle engines out there, outperforming even the most supped up 66/80cc motors in torque and top-end speed. If you're looking for major power without spending an arm and a leg on a pre-ported engine with all the bells and whistles, this engine kit is what you need.

1-Piece Cylinder

The 1-piece cylinder offers you more consistent, even torque than 2-piece cylinders. Coupled with a 50mm bore and high, these engines carry more weight, run cooler, start much easier, and keep your power output more consistent than other 2-stroke bike motors.

High-Performance Components

A high-performance engine is nothing with components to back them up. This kit has upgraded components to increase this engine's longevity and performance, including...

  • Yamaha-style high-performance CDI for a more consistent spark.
  • Super magneto for flawless starts every time.
  • Pre-drilled ports in the clutch plate for smoother engaging/disengaging.
  • Upgraded Allen studs all around the engine make this a secure, long-lasting engine.

Balanced Crank

Unlike inferior 2-strokes with barely balanced cranks, this crank is balanced and paired with upgraded crank bearings. The stuffed crankcase sits tight to the crank, which helps increase the compression of your motor.

Product Dimensions and Specifications

The Grubee BT 80/100cc bike engine is about 8.5" in height 7" in length 5" in width. The bike engine kit fits on standard male frames with tubing of 25mm to 29mm in diameter. Larger frame sizes require drilling into the bike frame with a stationary bolt and using the universal face plate to mount the front of the engine.

This is a replacement BT100 80/100cc Engine (Note this is ONLY the engine with CDI and not the entire kit, A CARB & EXHAUST DOES NOT COME WITH THIS ENGINE and is sold separately)

*Some assembly of the engine is required

 Our Skyhawk motorized bicycle engine kits are made to convert a standard bicycle into a gas-powered motorbike easily. Get around faster and save money by transforming almost any bike into a fuel-efficient moped. You can get up to 80 km/h and get about 100 km per liter with our bicycle engine kits. This motorized kit can save you hundreds of dollars in gas and is a great alternative to pedaling your bike.

Features of the Grubee SkyHawk BT100 80/100cc Engine

  • 3.9 HP Considered one of the most powerful engines in its class
  • Industry-leading engine considered by most as the best motors around

With the angle fire slant head motor, the spark plug is at a 45-degree angle instead of pointing straight up. This gives the engine some more compression and can add up to an extra 5 km/h to your engine.

GRUBEE BT100 Motorized Engine Includes

  • GRUBEE BT100 Brand 2-Cycle 80/100cc Slant Head Bike Engine (Note: The Carb/Exhaust is sold separately)
  • Larger 50mm bore x 40mm stroke (78.6CC actual)
  • CDI
  • Two Ring Piston with a low wrist pin and short connecting rod
  • Open Transfer Port Single piece cylinder
  • Large 45mm Exhaust Port (A special exhaust is required for this engine a standard 2 stroke exhaust will not work with this engine)
  • 3.9 HP
  • Standard Engine Finish
  • Friction Clutch; Pedal Start
  • Complete User Manual (Click here to download)

As per legal requirements, we need to accurately disclose and label the correct engine size to the customer. The long-standing factory branding of the 80cc bicycle engine isn’t accurate. The true displacement of the GT5B bicycle engine kit is actually 69cc. Volume is calculated by V= pi x Radius^2 x Stroke. In Canada, the volume of the cylinder is only used when calculating the engine displacement. 50mm bore x 40mm stroke is a 80cc engine. This is the largest motorized engine that exists. There is no such thing as a 100cc bicycle engine kit (This is only used as a marketing gimmick).



*Some assembly of the engine is required