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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $129

(B45HP) TZ HO Red wire High Performance Magento

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Compatible with GT5B 69CC Engines (Model Year 2020+)

This requires the TZ CDI to work (installing this on an engine with a standard CDI will damage the Magneto and engine).

Grubee Engines Prior to 2019 use the STD CDI and you would need to get the TZ CDI for this to work if you have a Grubee engine Prior to 2019


TZ brand HO (High Output) Magneto (FAT BOY)..RED WIRE High Performance:  

  •             4700 Turns of wire versus 3800 Turns for a standard magneto coil.
  •             310 to 315 ohms resistance value.

Do not use this HO Fat Boy coil with a standard SD Black wire CDI box as it may over drive the CDI triggering process and actually give less available Kilo Volts to the spark plug...    Use only with TZ HP Red wire CDI or with the aftermarket Lightening big box CDI or equivalent.