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Front Wheel 36v 500w 26 Inch TigerWheel Electric Bike Kit

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For a long time, it seemed that riders only had the option of a standard pushbike or a motorized bike; but, now, thanks to the TigerWheel Complete 26 Inch 36v 500w Commuter Direct Drive Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit, riders can convert any bicycle into an electric bike.

If you’re after an ideal combination of speed, power, and competitive pricing, then the TigerWheel 26 Inch 36v 500w Enthusiast GEARED Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit  is the way to go. This kit includes a 26” front wheel with a geared 36volt, a 500-watt electric motor that offers superior torque compared to direct drive motors. It also sports an LCD speedometer, an electronic controller . The TigerWheel Enthusiast Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit combines modern e-bike technology with affordable pricing to ensure that a greater number of riders can now access electric power.

Unlike many other brands that sell e-bike conversion kits, the TigerWheel Enthusiast Geared Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit incorporates a geared motor with the option of magnetic Pedelec. This enables riders to have the best of both worlds: they can pedal (maintaining a fun form of exercise), but they also have supplemental electric power on offer to help out when necessary. The Pedelec is managed using the lightweight controller, which also includes a thumb throttle for smooth and instantaneous acceleration.

By choosing a geared motor, riders have the advantage of improved torque. The energy in these motors is routed through a series of planetary rotation gears that help propel the wheel. Unlike direct-drive motors, a geared assembly is great for hills and inclines, as well as cruising downhills without drag like other e-bike wheels. You can also pedal without resistance from the motor, which makes it much easier to ride when you don't feel like giving your bike throttle.

The 26” diameter wheel supplied as part of the TigerWheel Enthusiast Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit comes with an innertube and tire already attached, plus a dish that will assist in reducing wind resistance. The front wheel is easy to attach, as it doesn’t interfere with any existing gearing systems (which will ordinarily be connected to the rear wheel of a bicycle). When connected to a 36-volt battery, the TigerWheel Enthusiast GEARED Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit can enable riders to travel up to 17 miles on an average battery charge, with a top speed of 21 miles per hour (subject to rider weight and prevailing ride conditions).

  • Comes with everything you’ll need to transform your current bike into an electric bike
  • Includes a 26” diameter electric front wheel, fitted with a brushless hub motor
  • 500-watt electric motor is powered by a 36 volt, 11 amp-hour lithium-ion battery
  • Includes an electronic controller with an easy-to-use thumb throttle and magnetic Pedelec
  • Expect to reach top speeds of 21 MPH, with an average cruising speed of 15 MPH



  • TopSpeed: 21 MPH (avg. speed: 15 MPH)
  • RidingDistance: 17 Miles
  • BatteryLife: Over 800 Charges
  • ChargeTime: 5 Hours


Kit Includes:

  • 1x 26" x 1.7" 36v 500w Enthusiast GEARED Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Wheel w/ Brushless Motor
  • 1x Electronic Controller w/ Thumb Throttle, Brakes, and Pedelec
  • 1x LCD Speedometer
  • 36v 11AH Lithium Ion Battery w/ Locking Key and Charger