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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $129
Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $129

(A36-66/69cc) GT5A/GT5B 66cc/69cc Cylinder Rebuild Kit (Contains A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, A9, B22, B23, B25) (High Hole Piston)

Original price $26.00 - Original price $28.00
Original price
$26.00 - $28.00
Current price $26.00

Compatible with GT5A (66cc), GT5B(69cc)

Please select the correct engine type in the drop-down

*You cannot install a GT5B rebuild in a GT5A 66cc engine).*

*You cannot install a GT5A rebuild in a GT5B 69cc engine).*

Engine Prior to 2020 would be GT5A (66cc)

Engines Made in 2020 and after would be GT5B (69cc)

(High Hole Piston)

Complete 66cc/69cc Cylinder Rebuild kit (Including Piston and piston rings. Note piston retaining clips are NOT included) for your 66cc (GT5A) or your 69cc (GT5B) motorized bicycle engine kit. This is a direct OEM replacement and is guaranteed to last. Engine Cylinder Kits: Includes, Head / Piston / Pin / Rings / Head Gaskets and 4 Head bolts