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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $129

(B54TZ)(B45TZ)(B49TZ) TZ HO High Performance Conversion KIT

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Convert your GT5A / GT2A to a TZ High-Performance Engine with this conversion kit. This kit comes standard on all GT5B Engines.


1 x TZ brand HO (High Output) CDI...RED WIRE High Performance:  

  • TZ CDI beats the LIGHTING high-priced CDI module.
  • Our TZ CDI comes with a red soft wire cap that fits plugs with the screw-on cap removed.
  • Dyno test proves TZ Red Wire CDI and TZ rotor gives a slight gain in horsepower over the famous high priced Lightening box and coil.    However, you must use a TZ rotor with TZ CDI together for correct engine timing.  Must run as a matching pair in concert!  
  • TZ rotor magnets have 12% more magnetism flux density than the SD brand.  Meaning more power

1x TZ brand HO (High Output) Magneto (FAT BOY)..RED WIRE High Performance:  

  •             4700 Turns of wire versus 3800 Turns for a standard magneto coil.
  •             310 to 315 ohms resistance value.

1x TZ brand HO (High Output) Rotor

  • Our special TZ rotors are ordered with higher magnetism than standard, in fact, 12% to 15% more powerful than SD rotors;    Gauss meter checked for accuracy.